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Miembro del Grupo de Investigación de Historia Actual de la Universidad de Cádiz (GEHA-HUM315), Diplomado en Estudios Avanzados (DEA) del Programa de Geografía e Historia de la Universidad de Cádiz, Profesor Superior de Saxofón por el Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid y Maestro de Lengua Extranjera (Inglés) por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Ha actuado como solista y difundido comunicaciones de corte histórico y organológico por varios países europeos y en USA. También ha publicado diversos artículos divulgativos y de investigación. Actualmente ejerce la docencia como profesor de saxofón en el Conservatorio Profesional de Música "Manuel de Falla" de Cádiz y lleva a cabo estudios de doctorado relacionados con la supervivencia histórica del saxofón
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Member of research group of Historia Actual of the Universidad de Cádiz (GEHA-HUM315), Graduated on Advanced Studies in the Program of Geography and History of the same University, Professor of Saxophone by the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid and teacher of English as Foreign Language by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has performed as soloist and he has made lectures about the history of music and organology in several European countries and the USA. He has published several researching articles. Nowadays he is teacher of saxophone in the Conservatorio Profesional de Música "Manuel de Falla" de Cádiz (Spain) and he is carrying out doctoral studies related to the historical survival of  the saxophone.

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Adolphe Sax's life


Directed by José-Modesto Diago Ortega
Edited by
Enfin Producciones
Country: Spain
Languages: English, French and Spanish
Subtitles: English, French and Spanish
Music: 19th century music and other sources
Year: 2014
Genre: Historical documentary
Running time: about 64 minutes

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We have compiled eighteen forgotten scores of 19th century for saxophone, clarinet, voice and piano, most of them related to Adolphe Sax.

S.R.1: Jules CRESSONNOIS. La Chanson du Printemps (Voix/Tsx/Pno)
S.R.2: Antonio PASCULLI.
Concerto sopra motivi dell'opera La Favorita (Ssx/Pno, from Ob/Pno)
Doux Souvenir. Schotish [sic] (Ssx or Tsx/Pno)
Adieu à la Nouvelle-Zélande (Asx or Bsx/Pno)
S.R.5: ALI-BEN-SOU-ALLE: Le Trouvère (Asx/Pno)
Don Juan (Asx or Bsx/Pno)
Caprice (Asx or Bsx/Pno)
Deuxième Solo (Ssx/Pno)
S.R.9: Hyacinthe KLOSÉ:
Duettino Concertante (2Cl/Pno, or Cl/Asx/Pno)
S.R.10: Louis MAYEUR:
La Favorite (Ssx/Tsx/Pno)
S.R.11: Ambroise THOMAS:
Two songs of old Peru (Asx or Ssx or Tsx/Tsx/Bsx)
S.R.12: Hyacinthe KLOSÉ:
Solo (Ssx or Asx/Pno)
S.R.13: Louis MAYEUR:
Lucrèce Borgia (Asx/Pno)
S.R.14: Louis MAYEUR:
Lucia di Lammermoor (Asx/Pno)
S.R.15: Louis MAYEUR:
Don Juan (Asx/Pno)
S.R.16: Louis MAYEUR:
La Favorite (Tsx/Pno)
S.R.17: Louis MAYEUR:
Le Trouvère (Asx/Tsx/Pno)
S.R.18: Louis MAYEUR:
Rigoletto (Asx/Pno)

We have also improved, contextualized, revised and beautified them, and also introduced them as we would like to be a score:
- Carefully designed.
- Date of composition, longtime and difficulty level at a glance.
- Orientation of the main technical and performance skills.
- Opinion of relative importance (historical+musical).

- Useful historical and musical contextualization (Spanish, French and English).
- Opera setting if the case, with recommended discography and videography.
- Superb figures related to the score, some of which unpublished until now

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